Spin it to win it wheel

STURDY TRIPOD BASE- Our colour spinning wheel is equipped with a solid iron tripod stand, which can help the wheel keep balance when spinning and provide more stability.

DETACHABLE & ADJUSTABLE DESIGN- The fortune wheel features a detachable design, easy to assemble and storage, and the height of the stand can be adjusted from 111-157 cm to meet the different demand.

CONTROLLABLE SPINNING SPEED- Clicking sounds creates much more excitement and enable it to be more attractive. Clicker design can help better control the speed of the prize wheel.

DRY ERASE BOARD- You can write any logos or text on this round colourful board as you like with supplied pen, and the board can be cleaned easily for using repeatedly.

14 EVENLY DISTRIBUTED SEGMENT- Fourteen slots are averagely arranged on this round plate. It offers fair opportunity for each attendants and makes it look colourful and beautiful.