Giant Snakes & Ladders

Usable indoors or outdoors, this large version of the classic game is perfect for adults and kids. It’s also a good educational skill for children, helping them develop their counting skills.

Additional features

Game mat

Giant blow up dice


3m x 3m (game mat)


Each player must roll the dice at the start of the game. The number the dice lands on will determine how many squares the player can move. There are icons on the mat that have different effects for depending on which one you land one:

• Snake head: You must back to the square the snake’s tail is.

• Bottom of a ladder: you move up to the square where the top of the ladder is.

• Sting: You skip your next turn.

• Double Dice: You get to roll your dice again.


Due to the dice being a blown-up item, keep it away from sharp objects.